About Daniel Lambraia

Daniel Lambraia is a construction professional and a mechanical engineer. In his recent role as a Trade Project Manager with Plaza Construction, Daniel assisted in managing several trades working on the construction on a luxury high rise at 99 Hudson Street in Jersey City, New Jersey. Upon completion, the building will be the tallest building in the state of New Jersey.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Daniel enjoys spending his free time being active and practicing healthy living habits. He understands the impact that both exercise and healthy life choices have on one’s mental and physical health, and lives his life accordingly. Daniel believes his attention to a healthy lifestyle has improved his confidence, overall mentality, and quality of life. He finds that prioritizing health is also a good way to work on setting goals and remaining committed to them. Which are skills that have been invaluable in all aspects of his life.

For Lambraia, a healthy lifestyle has to be long term sustainable. He understands the challenge to come of adapting his lifestyle to his age and amount of free time. Therefore, even when he doesn’t have the time to get in his regular routine, he makes it a point to get some sort of activity in and adjusts his diet accordingly. This includes stretching more frequently, avoiding workouts that put too much stress on joints, and eating more conservatively as very frequent strenuous workouts become less feasible.